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Frontlet Headdress


Cloth cap with a wood disk front highly carved with a bird motif. It has an enlarged beak colored bright blue and red. There is shell inlay around perimeter,and small feet protrude. Ermine pelts are attached around perimeter with a… read more

The Elegant Image


Watch as Dr. Bhansali explains his passion for collection and highlights his numerous rare and noteworthy bronzes. Few private or public collections anywhere can claim so many metal figures of this period and with such variety. Bronzes from this period… read more

Oceanic Art


The New Orleans Museum of Art’s collection of tribal arts from Oceania focuses on art works from Polynesia, Melanesia and Indonesia. Polynesia The connection features an 18th Century temple figure collected by Captain James Cook on his third voyage to… read more

Houses on the Old Bridge at Vernon


This work conveys the impression of a stormy day. The palette is dark, the colors muted and almost muddy. The overcast sky is dominated by dense, grey cloud masses. The body of water appears to be quite agitated with white-crested… read more

Fauteuil a' la Reine et a' chassis


Centrally carved in deep relief with a stylized shell motif, the arched crest rail is carved throughout the floral elements issuing foliate trailers to either side. A further shell ornament serves as the main feature of the undulating lower chair… read more

Radar Astronomy


A wooden box with glass window contains a chrome, rounded bar, which is attached horizantally at either end. It bears two metal rings. A wine glass holding a glass marble ist below, and a wooden ball is poised above, on… read more

Louisiana Indians Walking Along a Bayou


Depicts four Native Americans walking in single file to the left in the foreground. There is water to the right of the center, and trees hung with Spanish Moss beyond. Leading is a young man in a blue cloth shirt… read more

Seated Warrior


Burnished red clay figure of a seated man. Depicted with a headdress, he has one outstretched arm, and the other held close to his mouth. There is a large tortoise shell amulet inlaid on his chest, and incised detail throughout.… read more



Modern and contemporary Louisiana artists continued the area’s rich and diverse arts tradition. John McCrady, who came to be aligned with the Regionalist art movement during his early career, returned to his Louisiana roots and found the subject of African-American… read more

Woven Histories: Houma Basketry


Woven Histories: Houma Basketry celebrates the history and current practice of basket making and palmetto weaving amongst the tribal members of the United Houma Nation of Louisiana. The exhibition highlights the techniques and materials used in basketry, and the passing… read more



MASS PRODUCED as been extended! This exhibition aims to examine the impact of industrial techniques on mass-produced objects for the home. The nineteenth century saw an explosion in the quantity and types of merchandise available for purchase, largely due to… read more



Organized by the Walker Art Center, Lifelike invites a close examination of artworks based on commonplace objects and situations, which are startlingly realistic, often playful, and sometimes surreal. This international group exhibition features artists variously using scale, unusual materials, and… read more

What is a Photograph?


What is a photograph? How do we define its history? This exhibition, compiled mostly from NOMA’s permanent collection, examines many forms of photography from the 1840s to the present, in order to explore these questions. Over the past 190 years,… read more

Options & Amenities


Venue Options & Amenities All venues include free parking, security detail, handicap access, a facility manager for the duration of the event, and three hours set-up time. NOMA does not provide food, beverages, tables, chairs, or other equipment. A suggested… read more

African Art


The NOMA collection of tribal arts from sub-Saharan Africa is considered one of the most important half-dozen collections of its type in American art museums. NOMA’s commitment to collecting African art is half a century old, dating back to 1953.… read more

Meetings, Corporate, & Social


Event Venues for Meetings, Corporate, and Social Entertaining Woldenberg Board Room Located on the second floor with expansive park views, the room showcases 4 impressive inlaid wood tables that seat 12 guests per table. For a social setting, the room… read more

Nell Nolan: Opening doors

News Item

By Nell Nolan | The New Orleans Advocate This article originally appeared here "Art in the Spanish American Home, 1492-1898," is a current come-on at the New Orleans Museum of Art, where formerly "closed doors" (related to these homes) have… read more