Modern and Contemporary : In the Collection

Ada in Aqua

Katz, Alex, 1963

Bather III

Lipchitz, Jacques, 1916-1917

Bottle and Violin on a Table

Picasso, Pablo, December 3, 1912, or later

Builders #4

Lawrence, Jacob, 1975

Chevron Quilt

Hunter, Clementine, circa 1951

Corridor Pin, Blue

Coosje van Bruggen and Claes Oldenburg, 1999

Guardian Angels

Tanning, Dorothea, 1946

Hercules the Archer

Bourdelle, Antoine, 1909, cast 1947

Heroic Man

Lachaise, Gaston, 1930-34

Keeping the Pigs from Rooting

Thornton Dial Sr (American, b.1928), 1988

L'Art de la Conversation

Magritte, René, 1950

La Poetesse

Ossip Zadkine, 1953

Landscape at l'Estaque

Braque, Georges, 1906

LOVE, Red Blue

Indiana, Robert, 1966-1997

Mask of a Faun

Picasso, Pablo, 1949-1950

Mick Jagger

Warhol, Andy, 1975


Rona Pondick, 1998-2001

My Backyard

O'Keeffe, Georgia, 1937

Old Mattress Factory

Woodward, William, 1904


Rauschenberg, Robert, 1974

Paul Léautaud in a Caned Chair

Dubuffet, Jean, 1946

Portrait of a Young Girl

Miró, Joan, 1935

Portrait of a Young Woman

Modigliani, Amedeo, 1918

Radar Astronomy

Cornell, Joseph, circa 1952-1956

Rain Mountain

Isamu Noguchi, 1982

Rebus 3D-89-3

Ida Kohlmeyer, 1989

Reclining Mother and Child

Moore, Henry, modelled 1975, cast 1977


Butterfield, Deborah, 1999

River Form

Hepworth, Barbara, 1965

Sketch for "Several Circles"

Kandinsky, Wassily, 1926


Wesselmann, Tom, 1976


Louise Bourgeois, 1996

Stung by the Wasp and the Cross We Have to Bear

Thornton Dial, Sr (American, b.1928), 1992

The Dream [ Femme la fleur rouge]

Redon, Odilon, circa 1905

The Ice Hole, Maine

Hartley, Marsden, 1908

The Labors of Alexander

Rene Magritte, 1967

Tree of Necklaces

Jean-Michel Othoniel, 2002


Frankenthaler, Helen, 1967


Joel Shapiro, 1991

Untitled from the Pinto Series

Benglis, Lynda, 1971

Vénus bleue

Klein, Yves, 1962 (cast 1982 in edition of 300)

Virlane Tower

Kenneth Snelson, 1981

Woman on Porch

Diebenkorn, Richard, 1958